Responsive-bility? Responsive Websites Get More Traffic!

Responsive Websites Are Mission Critical to a Successful Website Campaign

The facts are in! Back in the spring when Google announced it would give higher rankings to responsive websites (AKA: “Mobilegeddon”), many people scrambled to get their dated websites on board with this new advance in website design. While many ignored the warnings and now, as the numbers start to come in, are perhaps regretting their decision to do so. The bottom line being, advances in web technologies have progressed to the level when you no longer need a separate website for your mobile customers. And if you’re still using this approach, you may want to reconsider the benefits of a responsive website.

Responsive Websites and Mobile First Technology

A responsive website is actually very simple in nature and getting your old, outdated website upgraded to responsive may cost less than you think. A real benefit of responsive websites are that one website can handle all the same tasks that used to have to be spread across two websites (one for mobile, one for desktop). Generally costing twice as much as a single website would.

Technological advances have given web developers the power to manipulate how your website looks based on the devices screen size! This was introduced into CSS3 a few years back and are referred to as “media queries”. As a developer, in my CSS stylesheet, I can manipulate the way the website looks based on the screen size it will be viewed from. Pretty cool huh? This way, it shouldn’t matter what device you’re on, from a regular PC to a smart phone or tablet… you’re going to get the same website experience across all portable, mobile devices.

Someone on a mobile phone will not see a “dumbed down” version of your website just to be able to fit on the once tiny screens on older devices, now they get the same experience that a desktop user would without the need for horizontal scrolling or zooming in on the screen just to read the text!

Utilizing some of the latest technologies in responsive website design, we are able to deliver mobile first websites to you and save you money in the process by eliminating the need for two separate websites to handle your customers choice of device. This device agnostic approach is changing the way the internet works. Responsive websites, which about 5 years ago were difficult to come by, have been proliferating the web in the interim and if you’re not in the responsive website territory by now, you may already be seeing a decrease in sales or interactions.

Not only is Google (and the rest of the major search engines will be soon to follow) giving higher rankings to responsive websites but a responsive website will ensure that you are reaching all of the customers you possibly can. With more and more people using their mobile phones as their main ISP (Internet Service Provider), having an old, non-responsive website will start to cost you money the longer you put off making the upgrade. While it may look great on your PC at work, try looking at it from your phone!

So the benefits of going responsive are plentiful and will only help. Web Solutions Services specializes in responsive website design and would be glad to discuss pricing and process with you whether you need an upgrade or a full redesign. We can get you into the realm of responsiveness quicker and for less than you might think. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding mobile friendly, responsive website design.

This website that you’re on right now is responsive. Feel free to test it out on your phone, tablet, or other portable device. You’ll be surprised how the website manipulates itself based on the device it’s interacting with. The future is here, it’s time to get with the program!

-Ben Kaminski

About the Author

Ben Kaminski is the Founder and President of Web Solutions Services, LLC. With over 20 years experience working with internet technologies, Ben has mastered many of the available web coding languages and can provide a wide array of solutions to clients.

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